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Try These Virtual Language Classes near Chapel Hill

At Southern Village, learning a new language is easier than ever. In fact, these days residents can sign up for foreign language classes online. Whether you’re interested in Mandarin, Italian, French, or Sign Language, these programs have it all. Read on to learn about three of the best language resources near our Chapel Hill apartments:

Chapel Hill Public Library

The Chapel Hill Public Library offers a wide array of support for folks who want to learn new languages. For example, its online language learning portal offers materials in over 70 languages. In addition, the library also has language-learning textbooks, as well as foreign language reading materials. All you need to access these resources is a library card. From there, you can create an account for free.

CHICLE Language Institute

CHICLE Language Institute has been serving the residents of Chapel Hill since 1999. Fortunately, all of its current curricula is available online. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can sign up for private or group classes. CHICLE offers courses in Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, and Mandarin. Indeed, this school offers a wide range of diverse classes, perfect for all learning levels.

North Carolina Central University

North Carolina Central University in nearby Durham offers excellent language classes online. Students love how they can customize courses to meet their own individual needs. For example, if the live courses led by instructors move too fast, students can sign up for self-paced classes. Popular courses include “Discover Sign Language,” “Instant Italian,” “Conversational Japanese,” and “Beginning Conversational French.” To make things even more convenient, classes have multiple start dates. In other words, that means that if one month doesn’t work for you, you won’t have to wait long for the next class to begin.

When you’re done exploring these fantastic language classes from Chapel Hill schools, be sure to check out online classes on other topics. To learn more about Southern Village, contact us today. We would love to invite you on a virtual tour so that you can see firsthand all that our apartments in Chapel Hill have to offer.

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