A woman walking a dog on a leash through a park.

Pet-Sitting & Dog-Walking Services in Chapel Hill

Pets are like family, so it can be tough leaving them alone, even if just for a short while. Fortunately, Southern Village is surrounded by the best pet-sitting and dog-walking services in Chapel Hill. Next time you have to leave your pets alone, reach out to one of these nearby pet services:

Kate’s Critter Care

Kate’s Critter Care offers customizable pet services to ensure that they meet your pet’s needs. For example, they offer a wide array of services, ranging from regular mid-day walks to extended live-in stays. Best of all, their pet care is extremely affordable and available at any time of the day. With over a decade of experience, Kate’s Critter Care is well-equipped to keep any pet happy and healthy.

Laughing Dog Pet Care

Laughing Dog Pet Care boasts an experienced, professionally credentialed team. In fact, a veterinary technician developed all of their services, so you can rest easy that, no matter what happens when you’re gone, your loved ones will be well cared for. Their most popular services include feeding and watering, litter box cleaning, and overnight in-home dog and cat sitting. In addition, they also offer an excellent dog walking service.

Happy Camper Pet Care

When you can’t be home to look after your pet, the staff at Happy Camper Pet Care¬†will be sure to meet all of your pet’s needs. As a matter of fact, with this incredible service, your pet might not even realize you’re gone! You can schedule fully inclusive visits/playdates, as well as dog walks of any duration. They also offer specialized services for sensitive pets.

With access to great pet-sitting services, veterinarians, and dog walkers in Chapel Hill, residents of Southern Village never have to worry about leaving their pets alone. To learn more about our pet-friendly apartments in Chapel Hill, contact us today.

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