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3 Skills You Can Learn at Home

When spending time at home in our Chapel Hill apartments, there are many things you can do to keep busy, including learning new skills! All you need is YouTube and an open mind and you’re ready to learn!

Here are a few skills you can learn online!

Psychology: How To Read People 

Knowing how to read people is always a useful tool. Whether you’re interested in deciphering someone’s body language, or identifying the telltale signs of dishonesty, learning the basic psychology of reading people can help in all aspects of life. Fortunately, with YouTube, it’s easy to learn this fun skill from home. Bright Side is a great YouTube channel, which offers tips on how to read people effectively. Videos like this prove why Bright Side is the perfect channel for developing this skill.

Art: How to Draw

If you weren’t born with an artistic hand like Pablo Picasso, you’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean that YouTube can’t help you become more artistic. Numerous YouTube videos offer step-by-step tutorials on how to improve your drawing skills. Learn how to draw in the style of anime here. If you’re interested in learning a style more grounded in realism, you can check out this video instead. You can also study these videos to learn how to draw a housecarcatdogrose, or spider.

Fitness: How to Exercise 

You don’t need a gym in your home to get a good workout. Thanks to YouTube, you can practice yoga and other exercises right from the comfort of your own apartment. If yoga isn’t your thing, then this squat workout offers a great alternative exercise. To target more specific areas of the body, check out these arms, chest, and stomach videos. 

With the advent of the internet, there are an infinite number of skills you can learn at home. Fortunately, YouTube is easily accessible from our Southern Village apartments in Chapel Hill. For further information about our apartment community, please contact us today. 

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