A woman in a mask and gloves selling radishes | Chapel Hill Farmers' Market

Shop for Locally Made Goods at the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market

Founded in 2008, the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market offers fresh produce, dairy, crafts, and more. While their products change with each season, the high quality of their goods always remains consistent. Fortunately, the market is only minutes from our apartments in Chapel Hill. Some of the best vendors include:

Hillsborough Cheese Company

Located on what was once a tobacco farm, the Hillsborough Cheese Company offers some of the best cheese around. Owner Cindy West is a self-taught cheesemaker. She started her career as an accountant but later quit to focus on her passion for food. Popular choices include feta, gouda, and mozzarella.

Humble Umbel Farm

Co-owner Anna Alexandre became passionate about farming while in high school. After graduation, she worked on organic farms along the East Coast. Today, Anna and her partner Brian own the Humble Umbel Farm. Together, they grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Customer favorites include lettuce, basil, scallions, and more.

David Roswell Pottery

David Roswell is a talented potter who lives and works in nearby Durham. Borrowing inspiration from nature, he creates his art using locally sourced wild clay. His creations are as beautiful as they are useful, and no two pieces are quite the same. You can shop for pitchers, coffee mugs, honey pots, and more.

Melina’s Fresh Pasta

Carmella, the owner of Melina’s Fresh Pasta, grew up in a traditional Italian-American family. After spending years watching her mother cook, Carmella began making her own pasta. Now, she proudly owns Melina’s, where she offers a wide range of goods, including spaghetti, sauces, and baked pasta dishes for those on the go. You can pick up your favorite Italian specialties at the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market.

Now that you know all about the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market, it’s time to check it out for yourself. From farmers’ markets to record stores, Southern Village is near some of the best shopping in town. For more information on our apartments in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, please contact us. We would love to take you on a tour, so you can discover firsthand all that our vibrant community has to offer.

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