Ceramic dishes, tableware, jugs, and mini animal sculptures | North Carolina Crafts Gallery near Chapel Hill

Shop for Local Art at the North Carolina Crafts Gallery

Nestled in a red two-story building, the North Carolina Crafts Gallery sells work from artists all across the state. They line their shelves with everything from handmade baskets to traditional blown glass pieces. Best of all, it’s just a short drive from our Chapel Hill apartments. Read on to learn more about four of our favorite artists with work on display at the North Carolina Crafts Gallery:

Cindy Pacileo

As a child, Cindy Pacileo remembers spending many hours drawing animals together with her father. Today, she’s known for creating her own miniature animal sculptures. Each piece has its own personality, and Cindy draws every smile by hand.

Steve Hessler

A self-taught painter, Steve Hessler spends much of his time painting outdoors. For example, he loves working in places like rural Orange County and along the Carolina Coast. If you’re looking for an oil landscape painting, his tranquil pieces are sure to enhance any room of your home.

Scott Summerfield

As a glass artist, Scott Summerfield began his career at the Penland School of Glass. He now proudly owns Summerfield Glass in Bakersville. With each new piece, Scott starts his creative process in the hot shop. Then, he moves to the cold shop to cut, polish, and assemble his work. His creations include vases, candlesticks, and overlay bowls.

Stan Lewis

Stan Lewis became passionate about photography in high school, where he worked as the school’s sports and yearbook photographer. As an adult, he’s continued his photography practice, but he now focuses on animals and humans. By featuring his subjects in environments where they feel most comfortable, Stan aims to create photos full of authenticity. You can purchase his photographs of cardinals, squirrels, landscapes, and more.

Now that you know all about the North Carolina Crafts Gallery, it’s time to check it out for yourself. From art galleries to farmers markets, Southern Village is near some of the best local shopping destinations. For more information on our apartments in Chapel Hill, please contact us. We would love to take you on a virtual tour, so you can see firsthand all that our incredible community has to offer.

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