A to-go cup of bubble tea on a table.

Order Takeout From Chapel Hill Tearooms

Whether you want to relax or perk up, Chapel Hill tearooms near Southern Village can help. In fact, there are many physical and mental health benefits associated with tea-drinking. When you’re ready to enjoy some tea, consider ordering from these local spots:

Yaya Tea

The staff at Yaya Tea uses a purifier filtration system to freshly-brew their tea daily. Using this refined technique, they offer an incredible selection of fruit teas, milk teas, green teas, oolong teas, black teas, and herbal teas. You can even customize your tea by adding various jellies or popping boba that burst in your mouth. If you’re curious about making your own bubble tea at home, be sure to look at their “bubble tea kits,” which should have everything you need.

Quickly Bubble Tea

When they say that you can make your tea exactly how you want it at Quickly Bubble Tea, they mean it. You can choose everything from your preferred size, temperature, sweetness, toppings to even the amount of ice you want. Indeed, some of the best things about Quickly’s drinks are the toppings. They offer everything under the sun, from classic bubbles to colorful rainbow jelly.

Cha House

Influenced by the tastes and traditions of Taiwan, Cha House is perhaps the most authentic tearoom on this list. Customers rave about their delicious tea, which is made with only the best ingredients. In fact, Cha works with international farmers and suppliers to source ingredients straight from Asia. When you’re ready to order from Cha, try something fun like their lychee milk tea, or one of their signature Taiwanese street food dishes.

There’s so much to do at Southern Village. Whether you want to order from Chapel Hill tearooms or sample delicious Italian food, residents have access to everything. For more information on our apartments in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, contact us today.

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