A window with potted snake plants from plant stores near Chapel Hill

Order Delivery from Plant Stores near Chapel Hill

The area around Southern Village is known for its stunning natural beauty. While many people love to visit the nearby parks and trails, you can also bring some of the outdoors home to our Chapel Hill apartments. Read on to learn more about our favorite plant stores around Chapel Hill with delivery services: 

Fifth Season Gardening Co.

Fifth Season has been growing throughout North Carolina for over two decades, but they have never strayed from their roots. This family-owned business offers the best supplies for hydroponics and organic gardening across the state. From full hydroponic systems to air purification equipment and more, Fifth Season has you covered. Plus, this cool plant shop can also help you make your own craft beers, as they also sell home brewing tools. 

University Florist

University Florist has been serving the Chapel Hill community since 1946. Operated by the beloved House family, this shop specializes in customer service, as well as botanical artistry. While best known for its beautiful floral arrangements, the store also sells lilies, succulents, and other plants perfect for indoor spaces. You can visit the website to start exploring today.

Chapel Hill Florist

Chapel Hill Florist is another small business committed to helping locals achieve their planting dreams. While the shop is best known for its beautiful bouquets, it does more than just floral arrangements for special events. In other words, you don’t need a special occasion to purchase one of their gorgeous orchids or dish gardens. These plants will brighten up any apartment year-round. Check out the rest of their selection so you can find the perfect plant for your home.

Plants can bring a lot of joy into your home, so be sure to explore each of these unique plant stores near Chapel Hill. To continue brightening your mood, sign up for virtual therapy with local counseling services. If you want to learn more about Southern Village, contact us. We would love to invite you on a virtual tour so that you can see firsthand our apartments in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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