Artist's collection of art near Chapel Hill

Virtually Visit the North Carolina Museum of Art

A local fixture since 1956, the North Carolina Museum of Art currently offers virtual exhibits of its most famous works. The museum’s collection spans over 5,000 years, from Ancient Egypt through the present day. This institution, recognized as one of the country’s premier art museums, now invites everyone to explore its artwork from home. Some of the best artwork you can enjoy from our apartments in Chapel Hill include:

City in the Grass 

Called a monumental outdoor sculpture, City in the Grass was inspired by a Persian rug. It features aluminum panels covered in a mosaic of colored sand and adhesive. A miniature woodblock city sits atop the “flying carpet,” while towers “evoke various cultural and architectural references.” Artist Leonardo Drew views public art as a shared experience. City in the Grass is his first major outdoor sculpture, and it’s found in the museum’s park. Watch Drew’s interview to discover his process and learn why he gave up drawing to become a sculptor. 

The Garden Parasol 

Painted in 1910 by Frederick Carl Frieseke, The Garden Parasol transports viewers to the French countryside. In the painting, a woman (Frieseke’s wife) sits in a stunning outdoor garden of her own creation. Listen to the audio description to learn more about this renowned piece of art. 

The Cliff, Étretat, Sunset

The Cliff, Etretat, Sunset, one of Claude Monet’s most popular surviving works, highlights the famed cliffs in the fishing village of Étretat. Mesmerized by the cliffs, Monet made sketches for weeks. He braved the February cold and rough terrain to visit at different times throughout the day. Monet’s colors and layered brushstrokes highlight his “obsession with capturing a specific moment of atmosphere and light.”

At Southern Village, it’s easy to enjoy incredible culture, cuisine, and art near our Chapel Hill apartments. If you’re searching for a spacious place to call home, contact us today.

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