a woman following a virtual workout in her apartment.

Try Virtual Workouts from Chapel Hill Gyms

At Southern Village, it’s easier than ever to exercise from home. That’s because our luxury Chapel Hill apartments give residents all the space they need to move around. Read on to learn about our favorite virtual workouts from Chapel Hill gyms:

Eat The Frog Fitness

Eat The Frog Fitness offers some of the best online fitness programs in the world. Their programs are especially effective because they work with each customer to develop programs based on their needs. In other words, their virtual exercise programs are tailor-made to help you achieve your body goals. Whether you’re an exercise novice or a workout pro, Eat The Frog will support you through your unique fitness journey.

UNC Wellness Center

The UNC Wellness Center now offers online workout programs for those who don’t wish to go to their physical facilities. First, the online program helps customers set goals for themselves. Then, the program develops individual workouts for customers to ensure that they actually meet those goals. Best of all, the fitness programs at UNC Wellness Center cater to people of all ages and experiences.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness┬áhas integrated new virtual fitness classes among its workout programs. The online classes include their uniquely developed interval fitness concept, which includes lots of different forms of exercise. Through virtual classes, you can try their specialized workout system for cardiovascular and strength training. These programs are perfect if you’re bored with basic workouts and looking for something more technical.

Now that you’ve read all about these great virtual workouts in Chapel Hill, it’s time to try them for yourself. When you’re done exercising, treat yourself to a delicious coffee from a great local cafe. To learn more about our luxury apartments in Chapel Hill, contact us today. We would love to invite you on a virtual tour so that you can experience firsthand all we have to offer at Southern Village.

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