You can now take UNC-Chapel Hill's online classes through Coursera.

Explore 4 of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Online Classes

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently developed a variety of great online courses through Coursera. With the click of a button, you can study new subjects without ever leaving our Chapel Hill apartments. Learn more about four of UNC-Chapel Hill’s online classes below:

1. Positive Psychology

UNC’s highly rated “Positive Psychology” course takes only nine hours to complete. Even better, it’s available for free. Throughout the course, you’ll learn about the general field of Positive Psychology, as well as current research studies. In addition, you’ll find ways to apply that research to your life to increase your own well-being. This course is great for anyone interested in Psychology, as well as those interested in improving their own mindfulness.

2. The American South

This free course on “The American South: Its Stories, Music, and Art” takes only about six hours to complete. In those six hours, you’ll travel from small farms to emerging cities in the South. You’ll even virtually explore the distant lands that sourced the southern diaspora. As a result, you’ll discover important cultural aspects from different places and learn how they contributed to the stories, music, and art of the South. Ultimately, this course will provide you with a better understanding of your own community along the way.

3. Psychology of Popularity

Through seven hours of online education, this Psychology course will teach you about the concept of “popularity.” Similar to UNC’s “Positive Psychology” class, their “Psychology of Popularity” course offers real-world tools. In other words, you can apply lessons from this course to your own career and personal life. Ideally, the course will enable you to bolster your happiness and success.

4. Epidemiology

UNC-Chapel Hill is currently offering an “Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health” course. Through this seven-hour program, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of public health policies. While the course explores issues like cardiovascular and infectious diseases, it specifically focuses on how Epidemiology is used to control these health problems locally and globally.

After you enroll in UNC-Chapel Hill’s online classes, check out more ways to stay entertained at home. For example, you can virtually explore Chapel Hill’s local culture online. If you’re interested in learning more about Southern Village’s luxury apartments in Chapel Hill, contact us today.

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