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Discover The Most Popular Calzones in Chapel Hill

A Naples favorite, calzones have grown to become popular worldwide. These delicious turnovers feature an outer crust of pizza dough and are usually filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables. Luckily, the best calzones near Chapel Hill are just minutes from Southern Village. If you’re hungry for a cheesy treat, head to one of these restaurants by our Chapel Hill apartments:

Pop’s Backdoor Restaurant

A Durham fixture since 2008, Pop’s Backdoor offers some of the tastiest Italian fare around. It’s also known for serving large portions at prices that won’t break the bank. In terms of atmosphere, Pop’s offers a relaxed and casual setting. If you want to eat at home, you can also order for quick and easy pickup. For dinner, try the veggie lover calzone. They stuff it with creamy goat cheese and fresh vegetables, like onions, artichokes, and green peppers.

Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria

When two friends had the idea to open a pizza joint, Tomato Jake’s was born. As they began developing their menu, the friends spent hours innovating delicious dishes with unique names. Clearly, all of their hard work paid off because the food they serve today is incredible. Don’t miss the “4 in the trunk” calzone. A customer favorite, it features house-made meatballs, as well as sausage cooked to perfection.


At Pulcinella’s, the chefs cook up a wide selection of dishes, ranging from calzones to New York-style pizza and classic pasta favorites. As for the calzones, they come filled with cheese and your choice of one pizza topping. You can dine in or order for takeout.

Now that you know all about the best calzones near Chapel Hill, it’s time to try them for yourself. After a tasty meal, enjoy some bowling fun at a nearby alley. For more information on Southern Village, please contact us. We would love to take you on a tour of our spacious apartments in Chapel Hill, so you can see firsthand all that we have to offer.

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