A woman working from her home office inside her apartment.

Create a Home Office in Your Apartment

If you’re interested in working from home at Southern Village, we’ve got you covered. With these three tips, it’s easy to create a home office in your apartment, even if you don’t have an office. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Make Use of Existing Surfaces

Don’t be afraid to use an existing surface as a makeshift desk. For example, your dining table can serve double-duty in your apartment. If you decide to use an existing space as your desk, it’s important to find ways to delineate when you’re using the surface for work and when you’re using it for another purpose, like eating or relaxing. Consider placing a few work-related items on the surface when it’s time for work. Your laptop, agenda, a pen, and a select coffee mug are all great options. Then, when you’re done with your workday, remove those items from the surface to signal transition to another use.

Find the Nooks and Crannies

In every home, it’s likely there is a corner, nook, or even a closet, which remains unused or underutilized. By adding a slim desk and minimal lighting, you can transform this area into a dedicated office space. While you might think it’s better to set your workspace up by a window, facing your desk against a wall will actually help you stay focused since you’ll be facing away from distractions.

Organize and Store Efficiently

When it comes time to create your home office, you probably won’t want large filing cabinets in your home. Try storing paperwork and other office supplies on floating shelves. After you hang these shelves on the walls around your desk, decorate them with plants and artwork for creative inspiration throughout your day. You may also want to consider going paperless and storing you work digitally. The paperless route is not only more eco-friendly, but it will also reduce your need for paper and printer space.

You don’t need a separate workspace to be productive at home. At our apartments in Chapel Hill, it’s easy to create a home office in your apartment. Contact us today for more information about Southern Village, or to schedule a virtual tour.

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