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Test Your Skills With These Escape Rooms in Chapel Hill

Over the last several years, escape rooms have exploded in popularity. You can find new escape rooms in almost any town, and Chapel Hill is no exception. Our Chapel Hill apartments are just minutes away from Chapel Thrill Escapes. Continue reading for more details about their rooms and the escape room experience:


Located just a short 10-minute drive away, Chapel Thrill Escapes offers unique escape rooms. The venue offers a few online rooms for those who would like to take the challenge at home. Like most escape rooms, you are given a set amount of time and a limited number of hints to conquer the puzzles and riddles. 


The flagship room of Chapel Thrill Escapes is The Belltower. This room comes in two varieties: physical and online. In both options, you are tasked with solving the mystery of the disappearance of a famous chemistry professor. He just announced he’s made the latest discovery, and no one knows where he is.

ROOM 1.5

The second room available at Chapel Thrill Escapes is Room 1.5. This online series features challenging puzzles and games derived from a variety of riddles. Tackle this room by yourself or with others.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, check out one of these escape rooms in Chapel Hill. Before your challenge, grab some comfort food from a local restaurant. If you would like to know more about our apartments in Chapel Hill, NC, contact us today.

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