A plate of General Tso's chicken from a Chapel Hill restaurant

The Best General Tso’s Chicken Recipes from Chapel Hill Restaurants

Our apartments in Chapel Hill are located near incredible restaurants. If you’re in the mood for Chinese food, we’ve got you covered. In fact, three of our favorite restaurants serve the best General Tso’s chicken recipes in all of Chapel Hill. Plus, they all deliver straight to Southern Village. Read on to learn more about these great local restaurants:

Rasa Indi-Chinese Restaurant

Rasa is a colorful eatery that serves classic Indian and Chinese meals with vegetarian options. They also happen to serve one of the best General Tso’s chicken dishes in Chapel Hill. The chefs prepare this entree with battered chicken breasts, broccoli, and chili-honey-sherry wine sauce. At just under $12, this meal is a steal. Even better, Rasa delivers to our Chapel Hill apartments.

Red Lotus

Red Lotus is a family-owned restaurant that has been serving tasty Chinese food in Chapel Hill for over 15 years. They have a diverse menu, which includes cold dishes, beef, chicken, vegetables, seafood, soups, and more. Red Lotus is also known for its tasty and affordable General Tso’s chicken, which sells for just $8.95. Slightly different from the recipe at Rasa, Red Lotus’ dish features battered chicken sautéed with fresh orange in an orange puree sauce.

Gourmet Kingdom

Gourmet Kingdom is another top destination for authentic Chinese cuisine. They have been serving the community of Chapel Hill since 2015 and are widely known for their signature flavors, like “yu xiang,” “ma la,” and “koi shu.” In addition, Gourmet Kingdom cooks up some of the best General Tso’s in all of North Carolina. All you have to do is order by text (English or Chinese) with the dish name or number. Then, Gourmet Kingdon will deliver it straight to your door.

With so many wonderful options for General Tso’s chicken recipes in Chapel Hill, you won’t need to worry about cooking dinner tonight. You can even complete your meal with a sweet bubble tea for dessert. For more information about our luxury apartments in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, contact us. We would love to invite you on a virtual tour of Southern Village so you can discover firsthand all that our community has to offer.

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